Brand New Programs and Services
in APEC Cyber Academy

Dear Fellows and Friends:

After five years of service to the APEC member economies with the annual online contest, it is now time for APEC Cyber Academy (ACA) to move forward with new programs and services.

First of all, we will embrace a larger international learning community. We will open our arms to the global K-12 education community instead of collaborating with APEC member economies only.

We will work with teachers and professionals around the world and provide rich online learning programs designed for, and based on, PBL and collaborative learning strategies, especially focusing on games for learning. We will provide our services throughout the year, instead of just hosting a 9-week online contest program. Please come take a look and find out about our new programs in the “Learning Space” on the web site.

We have just finished a complete redesign of the annual international online contest programs. To provide better service, we not only moved the contest period from Winter to Spring, but also vastly improved the quality of our programs.

Facilitating and sustaining a versatile and vibrant international online learning community is the key goal of APEC Cyber Academy and goes beyond the online programs and services. In addition, APEC Cyber Academy will host an annual awards gala and conference in Taiwan so that participants of the annual online contest can meet face-to-face. We will cover the travel expenses for invited foreign participants to join the event.

For details of the upcoming ACA 2008 International Online Contest, please read on and come explore our new programs and services!!

Chi-Syan Lin, Ph.D.
APEC Cyber Academy
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