Cyber Academy
PBL, Gamification, and Global Learning Community for K-12 Students.

About Us

The APEC Cyber Academy (ACA) is an international virtual learning environment for K-12 students. The main objectives are:
  • Providing a networked learning environment that follows the design principles of HCI.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to assist learning and assessment.
  • Applying the pedagogical principles of collaborative learning into the design of online activities.
  • Fostering international friendship among K-12 learners.
  • Improving ICT (information and communication technology) skills through project-based learning.

2020 iLINC Carnival

ACA hosts an annual, international, online contest program¸ which entitled “International Carnival on Learning in Networked Communities (iLINC Carnival). The ten-week event for 2020 will start on September 6 and wrap up on November 10. The contest program is composed of two pieces:
  • Striving for SDGs (UN SDGs)
  • International Journalists
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